Abby & Scott

July 26, 2020
Posted in Weddings

Abby & Scott

Fools in love.

You’ve probably heard the saying, or maybe read a quote somewhere (perhaps something like, “love is for fools wise enough to take a chance.”).

No matter your familiarity with the verbiage, anyone can clearly see Abby and Scott are indeed fools in love.

Don’t read too much into the literal definition of the word fool — a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person — but focus more on the power of love. There’s no denying the impacts a love like Abby’s and Scott’s can have. And yes, common sense and rationality can occasionally disappear due to the power of love, but that’s what makes it so incredible.

So, Abby and Scott, be foolish, embrace the power love will have over you, and most importantly, even if there’s no rhyme or reason, forever be fools in love.

“Fools in love, walking hand in hand. Make a wise man tremble, lift a poor man up. It’s a sight to see fools in love.”