Katlyn and Jade — autumn affection

Few things are more intimate than a wedding by the family farm/ranch.

That’s where Katlyn and Jade held their nuptials in the fall. In front of family and friends in the Bears Paw Mountains, the Nystroms began their new life together.

From the cowboy hats and boots to the rustic altar and perfect colors of the setting sun, this fall wedding was perfection.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson was clearly onto something.

The great poet and philosopher knew accomplishments were rarely possible without a strong enjoyment and dedication to achieving those accomplishments.

With that in mind, I’m excited, filled with enthusiasm, you might say, to introduce Richie Melby Media.

What is Richie Melby Media? It stems from an idea of putting creative talents to work in different ways, allowing creative freedoms and endless possibilities. It expands imagination, forces ingenuity and establishes inspiration.

For more than a decade I have spent my work days with a camera on my shoulder, telling stories through video and interviews. Thanks to the teachings and suggestions of numerous colleagues, which still continues to this day, I have opened my creativity in sharing these stories.

Richie Melby Media allows me to expand that, focusing primarily on weddings, though other projects will also arise. What story allows more creativity, imagination and emotion than the most special day of a couple’s life than their wedding? The options are infinite, the opportunities limitless and the sky is truly the limit.

Armed with fancy Sony cameras capable of 4K video, cinematic footage and fantastic visuals, professional audio equipment and toys like drones, GoPros and more, Richie Melby Media will set out to capture the most important moments of the wedding day to create video memories that will last a lifetime.

For information about availability, pricing and package options, please feel free to reach out! There’s a contact form on the home page of www.richiemelby.com, an email can be sent to richiemelbymedia@gmail.com, plus we’re just a phone call away at (406) 750-6257.

I also encourage you to follow along via social media at the following links for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There you’ll be able to see some of our latest samples and teasers, as well as keeping up on the blog. Please “like” the Facebook page, “follow” us on Instagram and “subscribe” to our YouTube channel.

The adventure is already underway and we’re ready to achieve cinematic greatness. You pick the date, we’ll bring the enthusiasm!